Friday, January 30, 2009

lost tooth

Today Katey lost her first baby tooth!! She came into our room last weekend and told us that she thought her tooth was loose. So later that afternoon I wiggled her tooth and it was loose but just barely. The other day I asked to wiggle it again, and it was still no where ready to come out, I was thinking maybe next weekend or later. But this morning in the normal before school rush she was being miss pokey. I went out to clean off the deck and the van since it was my turn to take her to school. I peeked in the window to see she was just sitting in the chair, I knocked on the window to tell her to hurry up. Next thing I Knew she was on the deck with a big sad face on. I asked her what was wrong since I wasn't able to figure out what the problem was.
"I lost my tooth" as she opens her mouth to revile an empty spot and now some blood from where the tooth was.
"Katey that is soo very cool!!'
" but I lost my tooth I don't know where it is."
So in we go look around the chair, check out the bathroom and no tooth. Told her that the tooth fairy knows that she lost her tooth so don't worry. Off to school she went. When I got home I took one look on the floor and FOUND HER TOOTH! So as any good mother would do I called the school to see if they could give Katey the message that I found her tooth. The lady who answered the phone was happy for Katey that she lost her tooth and that we found it. Needless to say everyone that she knew all day, she would open her mouth big and wide to show them the new hole in her mouth. The only sad part of Katey loosing her baby teeth is the sad fact that my little girl is growing up way too fast

Katey's little baby tooth

See the little gap on the bottom??

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