Thursday, January 15, 2009

For sale two kids..... cheap..........

Yeah I know I can't sell my kids, but some days or some weeks I would love to. Let's see why do I want to sell them for............grab a cup of coffee, pop, hot coco or whatever kind of drink you like and enjoy my week as of today, which by the way is Thursday and I thought yesterday was Thursday!! OK here we go............. Camron was complaining that his head hurt last week and his face,under his eyes and such, so when Monday came he still said it hurt and his eyes were getting all red. I called the doctor's office and talked to the nurse telling her I think he has a sinus infection, what can I give him since Benyadril(sp) is a big NO NO for him, he has the opposite reaction to it where he gets hyper! So the nurse said to give him some saline drop/sprays up the nose and it might loose things up a big. Ok sounds good, also made him an appt for Tues at 8:15 am. So after maybe 3 times doing the saline drops he begins having green goop coming out of his tear ducts, I am thinking snot, yeww gross is all I could think! So when he fell asleep on the bed around 6 pm I knew he didn't' feel good cuz this kid NEVER naps EVER!! So Camron and I head to the local Non-emergency room. Since they were saying a possible 2-5 more inches of snow and all I could think was if we get this snow, then school might be called off which would mean taking 6-7 kids with me to the docs, NO THANK YOU! So we are sitting in the er room, watching cartoons and such and the Dr Coffee comes in (remember that name) takes one look at him and says PINK EYE! So no sinus infection just this damn pink eye. Drops in the eyes and he will be good. Sweet we head to the store to get his medicine and some food for the next day. Just remember this was all MONDAY

Fast Forward to Tues around 5:00-5:30 pm............ All the kids are outside with Jerry and Jacob wanted to go out, so I bundle him up and he goes and plays with the kids. He comes back in maybe 10 mins later, we take his snow suit, boots, hat, mittens and such off and I get dinner finished up. Kayden ( a daycare boy) comes in maybe 5 mins after Jacob. All of a sudden Jacob just starts to cry, and scream and carry on. I ask Kayden what happened and he has no idea what the problem was. So I pick up little man and we cuddle. Then about 6:15-6:20 I take his Temp and its 101.7 under the arm. Iam guess an ear infection once again. So yeah now its almost 7:00pm by the time the daycare kids leave I put on different pants and change Jacob into some pj's and we head to the er!! We get their in to our room, they want a blood pressure and oxygen reading and he wants NOTHING to do with it. He is screaming bloody murder! Now his temp is 103. something. The PA looks him over checks his ears, say they are red but don't look infected, could be red due to his fever. Check his throat and its red with white spots, she does a strep test and off she goes. Then Dr Coffee, yeah the same doctor that Camron seen a mere 24 hours ago!! She looks in his ear and says Yes he does have an ear infection, we get talking about cloth diapers since he was wearing a bum genius diaper and she also cloth diapers her daughter. Well in the meantime his strep test comes back positive! So strep throat and ear infection. Poor little guy no wonder why he was so miserable. So when we leave the er, we find the only pharmacy that is open 24 hours, and its maybe 15-20 mins from our house. When we get done their we head to burger king by now he is feeling a bit better since his fever was down and I was starving from no dinner also. We get home and into bed around 11 pm. I was just hoping that I wouldn't have to take Katey in on weds.

Well Weds came and gone with no er visit!! Thank goodness for small miracles. So then tonight, Thursday, I put the kids to bed. Jerry comes up and asked me how Camron go all those scratches on him. I am thing what scratches?? Go and check him out and he has little white dots on his belly, arms, back, but none on his legs. UGH!!!! When does the "fun' stop?? I know its not from any new soap or anything cuz I haven't changed anything. So I grab the anti itch lotion and cover him up. So now I have to take Jacob back to the docs tomorrow, Friday, just for a recheck I guess and if Camron still has these dots on his body he will go along.

So here is the pictures of the two cute boys for sale.

First up is a strep throat ear infection boy. Is cute, likes hugs and kisses. Sleeps thru the night. Not housebroken aka: not potty trained

We also have a 3 yr old boy up for sale. (milk mustache not included) He like dirt and sand. Sleep half of the night in his bed the other on the couch. Is housebroken.
So if anyone wants these children contact me and I will pay for the shipping.

disclaimer::: iam not really selling my kids, i would never sell my kids i do love them. sometimes lol....

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Amanda said...

If you promise to deliver them, I'll take em!!!!! But I may send the girls with you! hee hee!!