Monday, January 19, 2009

not me mondays

Well the weekend flew past again. I dont' understand why the weeknd is soo dang short and the week just drags on most times. But once again its time for not me monday's again. Yeah I know I have missed the last two Monday's I due believe but its been just nuts here!! After reading what I didn't do this week head on over to MCKMAMA's to join in the fun. You can also check out everyone's not me Mondays and meet a few new friends!

I DID NOT have to take Camron to the ER on Monday(number on reason why I didn't do my not me Monday post last week) thinking that he had a sinus infection only to find out he had pink eye.

I DID NOT kinda laugh to myself when the doctor told me I should close my daycare for a day so I can clean and hopefully no one else gets the goopy red eye crap. Because being closed for a day wouldn't make a difference in my paycheck at all. I mean shoot we don't have any bills due at all.

After taking Camron to the ER, we DID NOT run to the store at 10 pm at night. I make my kids go to bed by 8 pm and never any later, who would let their kid stay up until 10pm just so I can run to the store?

I DID NOT turn around and have to take Jacob to the ER on Tues after all the dycare kids left. He most certainly DID NOT have an ear infection and a strep throat. By the time we DID NOT leave the ER we DID NOT have to go and get his medicine and we DID NOT to thru the drive thru at Burger King because we both were hungry at 10:30 pm.

Since we went to the ER on two different days we DID NOT have the same ER doctor who kinda looked at me funny when she first saw me. I mean how many other mom's go to the ER on two different nights with two different kids?? NOT ME!

I DID NOT just cringe when I found out that school was cancelled on Friday. I should be happy that I was able to spend extra time with my kids, and other people's kids ALL DAY LONG.

I DID NOT go grocery shopping on Wednesday, and spend 1/3 of my paycheck on food. Come on, we are just a family of 5 umm 6 ummm well ok maybe we are a family of 5 but iam feeding 8 kids mon-friday, and that's like feeding a small zoo.

Last but not least something that really DID NOT happen cuz if this did happened I don't think I would really be telling everyone. So I went to my friends, dad's wake on Sunday. After signing in the book I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out some money placed it into the envelope, signed my name to it, and placed it into the LOCKED box. As I was NOT waiting in line to see my friend and her family, I DID NOT reach into my coat pocket and DID NOT feel any money in my pocket, cuz if I did feel money in my coat pocket that means that I put the wrong amount in my envelope! SO after seeing my friend and her family I DID NOT have to hunt down the funereal
directer to tell him the mistake that I DID NOT do. IF that did happen that would be really embarrassing.

Now its your turn to tell everyone something that DID NOT happen to you thru the week. Wow as of right now I beat MCK MAMA to posting her NOT me mondays. Don't get used to me beating her cuz it never happens. When I notice she has her posting up I will link my post her her so you can check out everyone else's postings.


Live and Learn the Hard Way said...

I cringed when school was canceled on Friday too...

BlogBaby said...

Your "Not Me!" post was one of the best, if you want my humble opinion!

Well done, you've had many cringe worthy moments this week! Looks like you've got your hands full!


Pam said...

OMGosh, I'm so glad that it wasn't me who had to take 2 different kids to the Er 2 different days and see the same doctor. That would have just been sooo embarrassing! So consider yourself "excused" for not posting last Monday.

You had some good ones this week!

Oh and by the way, thanks for stopping by my "Not Me!" this week. Swing back by next Monday for some more good ones from the trip to the "Big Easy"!