Saturday, January 24, 2009

may i have this dance?

I found this photo the other day, well ok I seen it pop up on my computer while the screen saver was going. When I looked closer to it you will see my mom and Katey dancing at my cousin's wedding. I remember reading MckMama's, about how she kicks up the color on some of her photo's. She tells you step by step how to fix your photo's. So when I stumbled upon this photo I thought I should fix this one and give it to my mom for her birthday. I "took" it to and cropped it, and fixed it so they didn't look so dark. If you ask me I think it turned out great. I will have to try and put more pictures on photobucket and play around more often.

As you can see my mom and Katey are in the background and they are looking dark. See why I over looked this photo almost 2 yrs ago??

Much better. Just too cute!! Katey can't wait to give this to grandma tomorrow.

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