Tuesday, January 20, 2009

punky power = mommy power??

Well for those who grew up in the 80's you all will know about Punky Power. For those who don't Punky Brewster, she was a spunky little girl who was adopted by a man named Henry. She had the catch phase of "Punky Power" and she used that when she got into a hard spot.

Well as most of you know we have had germs running around this place like no other. I am beginning to think we have more germs that a hospital!! But then with 3 preschoolers, a kindergartner, a hubby who works fast food, and whatever else we have going on here, its no wonder why everyone has something. So my hubby is sick, is their anything worse than a sick hubby?? If you can come up with something that is worse than a sick hubby let me know I would love to know what it can be!!! Jacob has or should I say is recovering from strep throat and an ear infection, Camron had pink eye, and NOW Katey has pink eye. I guess that will teach her for picking on Camron while he was "sick"! But Jerry is also under the weather. And who is still healthy?? Yes ME. So why is it that I am around all these germs, snotty noses, coughs, sneezes, and more that I, Knock in wood that I am not cursing myself now, haven't gotten sick?? Is it something that when your a mom you just don't get sick? I mean when mom's are sick the world stops spinning. The laundry don't get done, homework is left unfinished, dishes pile up, and you have starving kids, unless your kids are like my daughter who will eat cereal for all 3 meals if you let her. So right now I am thanking my lucky stars that I haven't caught the bug that lives in our house. And if I do find that nasty little bug, I am gonna squash it flat so maybe it will never come back.


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