Sunday, January 25, 2009

product reviews

Well the other day the kids and I were at the store and found this great product. Its called the dripstick. One on side it has a slot for your frozen treats on a stick. But flip it over and you can place and ice cream cone in it! As the most of you know we have been dealing with sore throats and strep throats and my kids love Popsicles when they are sick. When the older two get a Popsicles Jacob wants one too, but then you dealing with a 18 month old with wet sticky hands and melted Popsicles thru out the house. No one wants that! With these the mess stays in the little cup. No mess, no wet or cold hands, no drippins on floor! What could be better? Jump on over to Dripsticks to see more about this great product. I think I am going to go and buy more of these for my daycare kids for when we have Popsicles or ice cream cones, it will be less mess for me to clean up. I wish I wouldv'e found these a long time ago. No house should be without a dripstick!
Katey and Camron enjoying thier new dripsticks.

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