Sunday, September 14, 2008

catching up..............

Its amazing how fast you can fall behind in blogging when you either get busy or sick. So I hope to catch everyone up or at least a little bit anyhow.
SO to start off Camron LOVES to dig but then again what little boy doesn't like to dig and and get muddy? But my dad and mom felt sorry for him cuz he had no where to dig. We did have a sandbox but they all out grew it. And we just didnt' get around to building one yet. So they came over on a sunday and Camron and Papa built one. Its 5X5. Its a great size I can fit in the corner, while the kids have plenty of room to make stuff. Jacob loves to eat the sand when he puts something in his mouth. YUCK if you ask me, but he dont' seem to mind having "grit"in his mouth. Katey loves to build sandcastles or houses, and well Camron will either build roads or destroy Katey's house's. I like to just dig holes or help make house's before they get knocked down..

Here is my favorite picture form that day. Camron and Papa are making sure its all square and everything is measuring up. Yeah I know Camron is in his under ware, but the boy just doesn't keep shorts on! He will go potty and the next thing you know is his shorts are missing. You ask him where they are he will tell you in the bathroom. errr little turkey!

All three playing in the sandbox. Yes Camron is making a sand angel! Katey also made some sand angels.
Here we are playing or should I say floating in the river. The kids and my dad went to the looking glass river by their house about a month ago and played in the river. We walked down the river for awhile, then floated back to where we stared. Camron didn't want to leave the float, while Katey was willing to get off from time to time. We found HUGE clams. We were collecting them but I guess Camron got tired of holding the clam bucket, cuz he dumped them back into the water.
Katey clam hunting.
Well I guess that kinda catches you all up. I do have some more pictures to download of my camera and I hope to do that in the next few days.

Everyone should head over to here . She has super cute blankets, and she also has a giveaway. I love the pink one help find a cure. The dead line is sept 15 which is monday. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!!


Revka said...

Thanks for spreading the word, and good luck to you. :)

Jenn said...

Hey, thanks for following my blog--you're my first!!! :)

I love your pictures--sand angels look like fun!