Monday, September 22, 2008

baby giggles

Who dont' love to listen to a baby giggle? Its so sweet and Innocent. I put the kids to bed tonight and while they were relaxing in their beds I was checking my email and such, and the next thing that I hear is Jacob giggling! Camron came in a few mins later to ask me to cover him up so we headed back into the boys room, while Camron was climbing up his ladder I asked him what he was doing to Jacob to make him laugh. All Camron was doing was making silly faces or saying peek a boo to Jacob while Jacob was laying the short way in his crib. Jacob was laying with his feet up on his crib bars enjoying the show I guess. I don't understand why Camron will be soo soooo sweet to Jacob when its bedtime or just when he wants to be nice. Don't get me wrong Camron is a good big brother its just at times he can be sooo sweet to him but then the next min he will be a little terror to him! But what is better than hearing a baby giggle?? I love that sound, well I guess any little kid giggle cuz their laugh is so genuine, unlike and adult from time to time. Gotta love little kids.
Today I took Camron to the toe doc and he said his toe problems are normal among little kids. Just feed him more jello, which will be easy since he LOVES jello. I swear that kid would eat it all day if I let him. And he also gave me some cream to put on his toe.
Pay it forward~~~ Well I was visiting She has a little game going on that if you are the first 3 people to leave a comment she sends you a small gift, it can be something you bought or made. It just has to fit into an envelope or vanilla envelope. SO I am hoping to get someone to play the game this time on here. So be the first 3 people to make a comment that you want to play and you will be added to the game!! When you add your comment add the game to your blogspot! Good luck!!

Not me Mondays~~~ I have been reading this blog She is fun to read. I really need to add her to my page! But today is not me mondays. Well on not me mondays you write about things that YOU"didn't" do all week. So I will try my best. Here I go~
~~I did not almost eat a whole bag of chips by myself, they good also.hehehe
~~I did not just turn off the baby monitor in the morning to get a few mins of sleep

~I did not Let the kids climb in to bed with us on sunday to steal 10 more mins of shut eye.
~~I did not drink too many beers on the hayride sunday that I got the warm fuzzy feeling, yeah you know what iam talking about.
~~I did not skip washing the kids hair at night just because I didn't feel like it.
~ I did not do laundry the other day cuz I didnt' feel like it, and leave it down in the basement cuz I didn't feel like caring up, folding it, and putting it away.
~~ I did not forget to do the kids laundry and Katey has school clothes for monday. oops.
Well I gets that's enough of not me mondays!!

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