Monday, September 29, 2008

Not me Mondays

Well today is monday again and Iam trying to do the Not me Mondays that m ckmama does. So here i go again

I did not turn on tv to a show that I knew that my kids would watch so I could rest my eyes and take a nap, cuz I don't nap.

I do not put Jacob in disposable diapers at night cuz he will normally poop first thing in the moring and its just easier.

I did not enjoy saturday afternoon with just Jacob while the other two kids were with my mom all day. And I did not just sit on my butt the whole time Jacob was napping cuz I had laundry to do, dishes to do, etc
I didn't just put the kids laundry away today that has been sitting in the laundry basket since friday night, and I dont' have 2 more batches of kids laundry to do again.

I did not put the kids to bed early on night because I wanted some peace and quiet.

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