Saturday, September 27, 2008

busy day??

Well today was a laid back but seems like a busy day. Mom took both Katey and Camron home to stay the night so that left us with Jacob. I left and headed to my friend's pure romance party so Jerry had a boy's night. I got to sleep in since Jacob didn't wake up much before 8:30. whooo whooo!! So when Jacob and I got up and dressed we went shopping. What a big helper he was today, putting all the items in the cart for me, so he earned a donut when we got home, well ok Iam the one who wanted a donut but, it worked out good cuz I have him the donut and i was able to put away all the food. Then I put Jacob down for a nap, and I just watched tv. I watched what I wanted to watch not sponge bob or tom and jerry or some other kid show that you have seen about a billion times! After we ate dinner with my parents and the kids we went, to big lots and the kids picked out a toy, Jacob goes nuts over baby dolls so I found him a baby that was wearing blue. Jerry wasn't too happy that is boy was getting a baby, but I see nothing wrong with it. Its nice to have just one "baby" to myself for one whole day. When I have just one child with me, I wonder how did I manage with one baby? It seems like Iam "bored" not bored to be with the kids, just not sure what to do, I dont' have to break up fights or anything. Now that all the kids are home and in bed its my time to put my feet up once again for the second time today, and relax before it starts all over again in the morning.

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