Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Katey's in kindergarten

Well tue was Kateys first day of kindergarten. She hopped out of bed that morning to my suprize! I thought for sure that I would be fighting her to get out of bed, but not tues! We went downstairs and her first question was "Can I get dressed now?" Well I told her that she better wait and eat first in case of she spilled "good thinking mom." After she ate all she wanted to do was get dressed and go and this was only maybe 7 am and school don't start until 8 am! So she got dressed, hair done and teeth brushed. So from the time she got that all done it was maybe 7:15 so for the next 30-45 mins all I heard was how much longer before we leave? SO the boys and I took her to school. She knew her way to her classroom which made me feel good, so at least I know she will have no problem finding her class room in the following days.

Katey right before we left for school. She had this outfit picked out about 2 weeks before school started! Yeah she has to wear a uniform but she's ok with that.
Camron and Katey on the front porch before we got into the van. Camron had to get into the act also.

Iam on my way to school all ready lets go mom!

Well now today is wed and she is still liking school. I think it helps that she also has her little friend Maddie in her class also. Believe it or not I talked her into wearing a short for tomorrows class or I think she would wear the navy jumper and red shirt everyday if I let her!

Well iam hoping to post the new "House" pictures tomorrow, since they are siding the house! its about 1/2 done!!!! I have to post about Camrons tooth, or should I say Lack of a tooth! Its only sept 3rd but this month has been soooo busy already!

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