Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hay Ride

Well today all of us went to mom and dad's for a hayride. All of mom's brother/sisters, her mom, all the cousins came to the hayride. The wagon left at 2:00pm and didn't get back until 4:30! Jacob did great sitting in a spinny seat, he wanted out maybe 5 mins before we got home. Katey and Camron did great also. They sat with either Jerry or I thru out the ride. When we got back to mom and dad's house we ate left over wedding food from my uncle's wedding and hot dogs also. Jacob was up from 9:30am until he fell asleep in the van almost 6pm. Katey was a little bit bummed that we didn't have a bon fire and why we didn't have one I really dont' know. So mom told her that one of these weekends we will have a bon fire so she can roast marshmellow. SO I can't wait until next year for the next hayride.

This week is gonna be busy. Tomorrow Camron has a doctor appt on his toes, and then friday I take Jacob back in for a recheck on his ears.

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