Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our "new" house

Well my cousin Kim works for Ingham county and right now they have grants to get the lead out of peoples houses. And come to find out we have or should I say HAD lead in our house. So our house has lead on the outside paint and on our enclosed porch. The guys stared out house on Tues sep 2. They taped off part of the back yard as they were working on the back and the back side of the house. I got to pick out the color which is a sage/gray color. I did post the color as the last picture but not sure if it really shows the true color or not. Today they are starting the front and the other side of the house. I think they are hoping to finish tomorrow, but as I said they still have to do half of the house, the shed and spray some kind of stuff on the front porch to cover the lead! All of this is only costing us $300.!! So if anyone knows of anyone living in Ingham county that has kids living with them let me know and I can get them an application!

the side of our house. This is part of the back yard. You see the little window next to the open one? Well that window is a "dummy" window since its not used. Either the shower is covering it or the closet so I told the guys to just cover it, as you will see in the next picture
The same side as the picture above just done! See no little window?? With all the yellow tape it looks like a crime scene or something
The very back of the house before work started.
Back of the house after they have finished the siding.

The color of our house,. As I said in the picture its hard to see the real color, its called coastal sage.

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