Sunday, November 16, 2008

camron cow

This summer we went to Washington State to visit family who live out their. We had a great time, but the week flew by like nothing else! While we were out their the kids got to play with baby kitty's, see chickens, cows and such. One day Jerry and I took the kids to the water park and such and when we got back Camron went outside and I guess checked out the chicken coop. Then he went to my brother and asked" where did the chicken go?" Needless to say the chicken lost his/her head. He was the only one of the 3 kids to notice one chicken was missing out of maybe 10 or so chickens. My kids have seen cows before, my parents live out in the country and we know a lot of the farmers so they have seen and touched cow/calf's before,but on June 24 a special cow came into the world on that day. Why is this cow so special for? Well for one little 3 yr old boy, this cow is his friend, it was born on his birthday! Rex, my uncle, was going to time the calf's birth around 12 pm, but missed calculated and this cow had her calf at 12am. That day when we found out this cow was going to have a baby, I told the kids that they could stay up late to see it be born, I guess sooner or later I have to teach them about birth. As it turned out Katey and her cousin fell asleep around maybe 10pm or so. Camron the little trooper never fell asleep! He would go out with who ever checked the cow to see how it was going. Then he would come in and report to all of us inside what was happening. When I went out the bag of water was showing and Camron so proud said" look a balloon!" Yeah I do have to say it kinda looked like a balloon. Needless to say we all got a chuckle out of that one. SO a few mins after 12am Camron cow was born! He got to touch the calf the next day, and so did the girls. I am bummed that I didn't get any good picutres of the Camron cow with Camron, they are on my cell phone and I dont' have the cable to download them. So now if you ask him who is buddy's are he will proudly say Julian, Papa and Camron Cow! You ask him about going to Aunt Rita's house all he will tell you about is Camron cow and going to the ocean. I have asked him if we should send Camron cow a card, he very proudly will say 'YES". I did ask him the other day what we should get Camron cow for his birthday, "a baby Jacob cow to play with"

Katey was a cow for halloween one year and the cow outfit is now in the dress up bin. Camon will put on this cow outfit, that is 1-2 sizes to small run around the house telling you that he is Camron cow.

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