Monday, November 10, 2008

not me mondays

Well another weekend flew by again and its Monday. So I will do my not me Mondays. Mckmama is the the queen of not me Monday's so hop on over to her blog and check her out.

I DID NOT eat a bowl of chips for dinner last night cuz nothing sounded good.

I DID NOT get excited when I realized that I won a cloth diaper from The cloth diaper whisper. And I certainly DID NOT call Amanda like 4 times before she answered the phone just to tell her that I won something

I NEVER EVER put my kids to bed early on the weekends sometimes just because I wanted some quiet time to myself before I go to bed, what kind of mom would do that.

I DID NOT call Amanda last night to ask her how to link someone to a page on blog spot without having the whole web address showing. And I HAVE NOT added a bunch of links to my page just proving that I know how to do this now.

I DO NOT check my blog spot everyday hoping for new comments, since they are few and far between and I DO NOT get giddy when I get a new comment, so DON'T make my day and leave me a comment. ;)

So now it is your turn to do your not me mondays. Its fun try it

1 comment:

Amanda said...

LMBO!!!!! So have you been adding your name to the Not Me Monday list?? I'm surprised you don't have comments from that! Seems like everytime I post a not me, I've got random comments from there! Heck if anything go read someone elses not me, and post there, it always get them to come check you out! LOL!