Saturday, November 8, 2008

omg i won something!!

Ok I never win anything in my life it seems like but I won something!! And I really didn't even have to work that hard to get it. I was just posting my blog and I thought I would check for any new comments, since I never really get that many, I really don't check it that often, but it paid off today!!! Over at the cloth diaper whisperer they have a contest called fluff Fridays. I entered and WON!!! Now what did I win you ask? I won a blueberry diaper and a wet bag my diapers. They should be in the mail today, I can't wait until the mail comes!! Now for those who don't know I do use cloth diapers on Jacob and love them! I wish I used them for my other two kids, but didn't know how easy cloth diapering is, until now. I normally use bum genius 3.0 cloth diapers but I won a blueberry cloth diaper! Trust me when you start cloth diapering you get addicted to them, its hard to explain until you get this addiction. Man I can't wait until this arrives in the mail and then take his picture for all to see!!! I won Iam so excited!!!

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