Saturday, November 8, 2008

happy halloween

Looky looky new pictures. Yeah I know Iam late for halloween pictures but better late than never right?? The weather was GREAT! IT was warm for michigan at this time of the year, but it has been nice. This is the first halloween that I can remember where you didn't have to wear your winter coat over or under you costume, just to stay warm. Everywhere you looked the kids had on just their costumes, yes even the little girls who were princess's or tinker bell, didn't have tights, or long pants on. IT was just a great warm day. I really hope more halloweens will be this "warm". Well trick or treat went great. Jerry got to go with us and that was the first time in maybe 5 years. The first house we went to was the "spooky house". They had it all decorated spooky. IT was very nice. They even put on a little "haunted"house. The kids went thru it 3 times. The first time we had to go thru with them, the second time I went thru with them, and they even has a kid hidding in the bushes, that scared the crap out of Camron, all I could really do was laugh. They wanted to go thru again so I let them and I chated with the lady who puts this together. I guess they do this every year and they also change it, so I really have to remember about this next year. But any hoo they went thru it the 3rd time and they went alone. When they got to the part where the guy jumps out, well ok he makes a noise and puts an arm out, Camron flips out! He yells for me, again all I can do is laugh. Yeah I know mean mommy here he is, frighten and all I can do is laugh. I put my hand to him and he is shaking and keeps looking at this boy making sure he's not going to get him,, the only way to get him out of this place is to pick him up an carry him out. Needless to say I asked the kids if they wanted to go back thru again, they both say "NO" now what a bunch of chickens!!

Katey and Camron sorting out the candy. Every time Camron got a peanut butter cup from someone all he could say was"mommy they gave my your favorite one!" What a good boy watching out for his mommy.

I didn't get a good one of Katey from the front this year, but I do have a few other pictures but this one was cute I thought with her walking with Jerry

Jacob after trick or treating. Still has his nose on also.

OH so I just take this bucket and show the person at the house and they give me candy?? He loved that they gave him candy. When someone gave him candy he would stick out his tounge and giggle.

Here is little batman. Yes these are jammies. Now he gets to wear them longer than just on halloween!

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