Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well Amanda over at Scattered among the mess tagged me and now I have to post 7 random facts about me. ugh where do I start?? Why did she have to tag me?? Now I have to think................

1) I use cloth diapers on my youngest son, and I love them, I just wish knew about these when my first baby was born. They aren't like the diapers that my mom used on me.

2)I used to love purple, but now its blue. Why not purple now you ask after all my bedroom at my parents house is purple. Well one of my teachers who I didn't like, liked purple and she graded all her paper in purple ink. So yeah that's why I don't like purple, but Katey loves it now.

3) I would love to have another baby. Why? Cuz I love being pregnant, I love how you feel when you hold your newborn for the first time, the cuddling, the little noise's the make. But is it gonna happen I doubt it Jerry don't want anymore, Iam I sad about that, yes but no. Iam I really ready to get rid of all the baby clothes yet,NO.

4) Yes it was love at first sight when I met my hubby. I just knew that someday we would be married. Did we get married like we planned? nope. Our plan was to find a house, get married and then start a family, but we stared a family, got married then bought a house. But oh well things worked out like they were suppose to. Would I change things from they way they happened no.

5) I have grey hair growing in. Yikes kinda scary since I am NOT that old. But oh it add charm to my hair right??

6) I hate shopping for shoes. My shoe size is either a 10 or 11. Which you can never find in the pair that you really like. So for me to go shoe shopping I really need to have new shoes. Kinda like right now since they have a hole in the side of them

7) I love scary movies, but haven't seen a really good scary movie since I have been younger. I think either I have grown up and less things scare me or scary movies just are not made like the use to be or maybe both.

OK that is my 7 random things about me. Iam not gonna tag anyone but IF you want to play let me know so I can check out your random things about yourself

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