Saturday, November 8, 2008

hey mom anit' these cool??

The kids and my mom went to the hallmark store the other day and I guess when you buy so many cards you get this snowman cheaper than normal price. My kids love to watch these things dance. If you would let them they would push every single one in the store. So she bought her cards and this snowman, who you can tell will be very loved at time goes on.

Jacob would push the button and watch them sing and dance, turn them off, turn them back on again. When it was time for baths tonight I told him to leave the snowman's on the table he looks at me with that look of , aww mom do I really have to?? He grabs them and "carries" them half way up the steps until I figure he thought its easier and faster just to leave them. When he got out the bath he grabs them and carries them around the house. I have to make sure to put them up.

After we got home from shopping Camron took them out of their bag and lays on the floor with them., I thought this was just too cute not to take a picture of him. He likes them just not as much as Jacob

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