Sunday, November 9, 2008

my pumpkins, pumpkin

I have finally posted Jacob's pumpkin carving day. We did this on a day after he took a nap, and he was in a good mood. Katey helped him gut his pumpkin.

He thought the pumpkin was cool being inside. All the time that these pumpkins were on the porch he kept trying to bring them in.

He wasn't too sure about the guts, but he did try to gut it. We had a trash can next to him on the floor and he helped by throwing the guts away. He did also try to eat the pumpkin and the seeds. I told him that they would taste better if they were cooked but he didn't seem to mind the raw taste. YUCK

Gee mom you broke my pumpkin!! After we, well ok I, gutted his pumpkin he took the part and tried to put them back where they went. I guess he thought it was a gaint puzzle.

Jacob's finished pumpkin. So now instead of him trying to bring in the pumpkin he would play with the lids to the pumpkins, and switch the lids, or bring in the lids.

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