Monday, November 17, 2008

not me mondays

Well another weekend flew by and its another Monday for a Not Me Monday's. MckMama started this whole, self help therapy for everyone. So here I go:

I AM NOT peeved at one of my former daycare mother who owes me money, she has a grant and the only thing that is in the way of me getting paid is her signing a piece of paper.

I NEVER call my kids by the wrong name. I mean come on, I am their mom why would I do that for?

I DO NOT feel relaxed when I stuff my diapers at the end of the day, and just smile inside when they are all folded in a neat pile and looking all so nice. I mean cloth diapers are more work and with being a mom with 3 kids why would the extra work make me relaxed??

I DO NOT watch the clock when it gets closer to 7 pm and think 30 more min before the kids go to bed. I love spending time with my kids, so why would I want to put them to bed earlier than I have to?

I DO NOT EVER lock the door when I go pee sometimes just to be alone. I would NEVER just sit in the bathroom and tell the kids that I am still going pee as they are banging on the door saying they also have to go pee, we have a second bathroom, I think they just want in.

Ok its your turn to vent about what didn't happen this week. Check out MckMama page and read about other people's Not Me Mondays. It might just make you feel better and you might make some new friends.


Beth E. said...

I found your sight through MckMama's blog...Great Not Me's! I love the one about locking the bathroom door...brings back memories! haha

When our first boy was a baby, I began a childcare business. At one point, I had five children all under the age of two...what was I thinking?!

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Stop by and visit me sometime. :o)


Beth E. said...

Oops...SITE, not SIGHT. :op