Tuesday, November 25, 2008

poor jacob

Yesterday Jacob was going to climb the step to go upstairs when Katey tried to put a santa hat on his head. Well he hit his lip on the step and began to cry. I was making dinner and normally if he gets hurt he will come looking for me, but this time he didn't so I figured that he was ok. Yeah right. When he came back downstairs and I seen him he had blood coming out of his mouth. I laid him down and wiped the blood away and checked out his mouth. Come to find out the little piece of skin that attaches your upper lip to your gum line, is what he tore. Poor little man. Talk about the blood. I know head/mouth wounds bleed but this was nuts! I gave in and gave him his paci that I took away last week. Well we got the bleeding to stop but every time that he put a toy in his mouth we were back to step one with the bleeding. When I put him to bed I let him have his paci hoping that as he sucked all night it would put pressure on his mouth and help with the bleeding. Wrong, when he woke up this morning he was covered in blood! He had blood in his ears, hair, nose, you name it blood was there. It looked like he got into a fight with something and lost. It was nuts. So needless to say in the tub he went. Called the doctors, and they wanted to see him. She said it does take some time for this kind of injury to heal because of where its at. IF it keeps bleeding, call tomorrow and then they will run some blood work and then maybe send him to the dentist to see what they think. So soft foods today. After we got back from the doctors he fell asleep and when he woke up NO MORE BLOOD!! So yeah iam happy that he has stopped bleeding, cuz that was nuts. So now he is in bed with out the paci once again and hopefully forever.

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